Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Online Binary Planting Exposure Test

ACROS Security has prepared a free public Online Binary Planting Exposure Test for all corporate and home Windows users who wish to test their exposure to binary planting attacks originating from the Internet. We'll try to keep a working demo of at least one unpatched, publicly disclosed vulnerability here for as long as there are any available.

This test is not an attack demonstration but rather a way for users to determine whether they could be successfully attacked from the Internet. While this test's failure to get the remote code executed on your computer does not constitute a proof of your security, its successful execution certainly proves your exposure and should prompt you to implement some countermeasures.

In particular, this online test can be useful for testing your binary planting countermeasures: Try the test with and without your firewall, test the effectiveness of your settings provided by Microsoft's CWDIllegalInDllSearch hotfix, or see if your anti-virus product protects you from the threat.

It is our goal to raise awareness of the binary planting problem among users, network administrators and developers. We hope this online test will help them understand the problem, test their exposure and fix their applications sooner rather than too late.

Test your computer now: Online Binary Planting Exposure Test

Click to see if you're exposed to remote Binary Planting attacks